Frontline Admin Officer

VaVay woks with Carespace Australia as the frontline admin officer.  Having been out of work for many years, Vay comes to Carespace Australia with a renewed sense of energy and passion. She is pleasant and people oriented, kind and unassuming.  Vay says, ‘Working with Carespace Australia, I have found their Motto “Committed to Creating Caring Spaces for you”, to be a true testimony for myself.  I have felt the patience and caring nature at Carespace to be refreshing”.

Vay generally enjoys working with people and is quickly developing her human resource capacity in the area of disabilities, both, physical or mental.  Vay believes that at Carespace Australia, she is realizing her full potential. She says, “Carespace Australia has bolstered my confidence and self-appreciation to fulfil my core job role in Administration”.  Vay is appreciative of the opportunity to work with an organisation that provides a friendly and empathetic approach while working with people and believes that she will continue to add onto these values.

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