Evans, CEO of Carespace Australia



The CEO of Carespace Australia support services pty ltd is an illustrious educator and special needs practitioner of 25 odd years. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from working in special needs settings overseas, including in the UK. Evans has worked in schools across regional Western Australia, and in Perth. Bolstered with an MA in Special education, from the University of Nottingham UK, he has the requisite indomitable drive and infectious energy necessary to propel Carespace Australia to greater heights of business prosperity.

He is a team player who delights in collaboration, mobilization, and piety. Outside, his corporate engagement, he is a community leader who serves in various community committees and boards in Western Australia. He is a family man who enjoys sport and listening to gospel music.  Evans has a profound vision for Carespace Australia- to ensure it becomes the leading NDIS provider in Western Australia over the next decade.

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